Homework Format

All homework (excluding projects or unless other instructions are given) turned in for credit should follow the following format at closely as possible.
Each problem should have the sections described below (you can also see an example of this format).

Concisely rephrase, in your own words, the part of the original problem statement that describes the system under consideration,  Present all the important values "given" in the original problem statement (temperature, pressure, etc.). If you include a sketch of the device or system under consideration, you can shown the "givens" in the sketch.
Concisely describe all the things the problem requires you to find, calculate, show, etc.

List the basic assumptions you will use to solve the problem (e.g., changes in gravitional potential energy are negligible, but NOT things that are basic physical principals, like "the 2nd law of thermodynamics is valid").

This is where you carry out your solution. Generally you should try to work out the problem in VARIABLES as far as possible, and only input numbers at the end.

You should make one "interesting" observation, in words, about what you have just found, e.g., what your solution/analysis has taught you.