AE3450 Grading Policy

Honor Code
Please refamiliarize yourself with the GT honor code.

There will be approximately 6 homework assignments distributed throughout the semester. Homework will be graded and will contribute to your course grade. In addition, doing the homework should help you explore and understand the concepts covered on the tests. Your are encouraged to discuss the course material and homework problems with other classmates, but you should work the problems on paper on your own - no copying. Generally what this means is: 1) try the problem on your own, 2) then if necessary ask for help/suggestions, 3) then go back on your own and try to implement the suggestions. Do not work with another student on the homework step-by-step.

Homework must also be in a standard format.

Homework must be turned in by the beginning of class (on the designated due date) to be considered "not late." Late homework may be turned in, but there is no guarantee that it will be graded. If it is graded, there will be a penalty assessed. If unusual circumstances arise that will prevent you from finishing your homework on time, please contact the instructor IN ADVANCE, so that special consideration can be given.

There will be a computer project assigned that will include a written report.

There will be one midterm (open book - tentatively scheduled for the week of June 6) and one final exam on June 22.

Approximate Grading Weights  
Homework assignments
20% of course grade
10% of course grade
30% of course grade
Final Exam
40% of course grade