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Jerry M. Seitzman
Guggenheim 360
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Ben T Zinn Combustion Lab
             Atlanta, GA 30332-0150

  • Ph.D.
    • Stanford University, High Temperature Gasdynamics Laboratory, Mechanical
    •  Engineering,1991 
  • M.S.
    • Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering, 1983
  • B.S.
    • University of Texas at Austin, Mechanical Engineering, 1982

Current Classes

Research Interests
My research focuses on the fields of combustion, propulsion, and fluid mechanics, and the development of optical diagnostic techniques and sensors for application to these fields. My students and I have authored roughly 150 papers in these areas. Our current research activities include:
  • determination of flame speeds for syngas (CO/H2/CO2/N2/H2O) and hydrocarbon fuels at gas turbine conditions (elevated pressures and temperatures);
  • lean blowout detection sensors for gas turbine combustors;
  • development of the stagnation-point, reverse-flow (SPRF) combustor for low emissions and flexible fuel applications;
  • characterization of flame chemiluminescence sensing for heat release and fuel-air ratio measurements;
  • velocity and multiscalar measurements for validation of combustion CFD models;
  • development of Raman scattering measurements in high pressure combustors;
  • development of optical absorption and emission sensors for active control and health monitoring of combustors in practical devices like turbine engines.
Other recent efforts include:
  • planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) of ketones to characterize fuel-air mixing from gaseous and liquid fuels, and tocharacterize trans/supercritical mixing in coaxial (rocket) injectors;
  • development of laser-induced incandescence (LII) for the in situ measurement of soot in combustors and engine exhausts;
  • soot studies in acoustically forced combustors and flames;
  • synthetic jets to control fuel-air mixing;
  • combustion of nanoscale metal particles;
  • measurements of fuel condensation in supersonic nozzles;
  • oxide residue characterization for aluminized solid propellants; and
  • measurements and modeling of near surface combustion processes for understanding plateau burning in bimodal, composite AP/HTPB solid propellants.

In addition, I have supervised a number of undergraduate research teams participating in microgravity research.:

KC135 Vomit Comet Experiments

Recent Theses and Papers
  • Basic Combustion Studies (Laminar and Turbulent Flame Speeds, Alternate Fuels, Oxycombustion, LBO, Novel Combustors, Vitiated Combustion)
  • OH PIV Images in SPRF combustor
    OH PLIF Bunsen burner      LII of Diffusion Flame

    Velocity image in stagnating jet
    Raman Scatter Plot
    Chemiluminescence Modeling

    Acetone PLIF of mixture fraction 
    Jet Engine Test Combustor

    Solid propellant burning

     SEM of quenched solid propellant surface

  • Sensors and Combustion Control
  • Acetone PLIF Studies of Mixing (Synthetic Jets, Coax Injectors)
  • Soot (Laser-Induced Incandescence and Particle Vaporization Velocimetry)
  • Propellant Combustion
    • S. R. Chakravarthy, J. M. Seitzman, E. W. Price, and R. K. Sigman, “Intermittent Burning of Ammonium Perchlorate- Hydrocarbon Binder Monomodal Matrixes, Sandwiches and Propellants,” Journal of Propulsion and Power 19, no. 6 (Jan. 2003).
    • S. R. Chakravarthy, E. W. Price, R. K. Sigman, and J. M. Seitzman, “Plateau Burning Behavior of Ammonium Perchlorate Sandwiches and Propellants at Elevated Pressures,”  Journal of Propulsion and Power 19, no. 1, pp. 56-65 (2003).
    • A. Dokhan, E. Price, J. Seitzman, R. Sigman, “The Ignition of Ultra-Fine Aluminum in  Ammonium Perclorate Solid Propellant Flames,” paper AIAA-2003-4810 at the 39th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Huntsville, Al, July 20-23, 2003.
    • A. Dokhan, E. W. Price, J. M. Seitzman, and R. K. Sigman, “Combustion Mechanisms of Bimodal and Ultra-Fine Aluminum in AP Solid Propellant,” paper AIAA-2002-4173 at the 38th AIAA/ ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Indianapolis, IN, July 7-10, 2002.
    • A. Dokhan, E. W. Price, R. K. Sigman, and J. M. Seitzman, “The Effects of Al Particle Size on the Burning Rate and Residual Oxide in Aluminized Propellants,” paper AIAA-2001-3581 at the 37th AIAA/ ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, July 8-11, 2001.
    • R. K. Sigman, A. Dokhan, R. P. Lillard, E. W. Price and J. M. Seitzman, “Size Distribution of Residual Oxide in Aluminized Propellants,” 37th JANNAF Combustion Meeting, Monterey, CA, November 13-17, 2000.
    • S. Chakravarthy, J. Seitzman, R. Lillard, E. Price, and R. Sigman, “Intermittent Burning as a Factor in Plateau Burning of AP Composite Propellants,” paper AIAA-2001-0339 at the 39th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, NV, January 8-11, 2001.
    • E. Price, S. Chakravarthy, R. Jeenu and J. M. Seitzman, “Solid Propellant Combustion: Surface Disproportionation,” paper AIAA-2000-3327 at the 36th AIAA/ ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Huntsville, AL, July 16-19, 2000.

    Many of the attachments are in PDF format (Download Adobe Acrobat) .